Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a More Predictable New Year!

After a year of waiting for rain to come, then waiting for it to stop – it seems the unpredictable weather is set to continue.

There is one predictable aspect though – most Central West farmers will be very ready to pull up for a well-earned break which will hopefully coincide with the Christmas and New Year period.

If it will be a Christmas lunch on the run for your family though – we wish you all the best and hope you get some quality downtime in January.

Speaking of downtime in January – why not drop in your post-harvest or even your pre-sowing maintenance chores to us at Bosmac.

Don’t be tempted to put it back into the shed in need of maintenance when we can get onto the job and have everything ready for you when you next need it.

Beat the rush and let Bosmac get you ready for the season ahead or just drop in for a chat to see how we can help make life easier on your farm for next year.

We will be closed over the Christmas period from 12.30pm on the 22nd of December until 7.30am on the 8th of January.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018!
James Haddin 

P.S Here’s Our Top Three Reasons to Drop in and See us at Bosmac…
1. Bosmac makes life easier on the farm.
Building on experience engineering products for the local agricultural market, Bosmac has developed a standard range of agricultural augers, roller mills and accessories. All Bosmac agricultural products are manufactured locally for Australian conditions.

2. You get it done right the first time with Bosmac’s bespoke manufacturing.
Bosmac continues to offer bespoke design and engineering. To date, Bosmac has built equipment and process systems for pet food plants, abattoirs and stock feedlots.

3. We are in a convenient regional location.
Based in Parkes (Central Western NSW), Bosmac is ideally located for supplying local agricultural and mining markets. Bosmac provides maintenance support for mining production teams and associated contractors.

Bosmac – 36 years of Quality Engineering