Six Good Reasons to Consider an Augermate TM

Tired of pushing and pulling augers around or waiting for mates to give you a hand? We all need a mate, but sometimes there are better more efficient ways of doing things. Take the strain out of positioning augers with the AugermateTM a quality Bosmac agriculture product designed and made in Australia.

Here’s six good reasons to drop into Bosmac today and pick up your own new best mate – AugermateTM …
1. Eliminates the need to lift augers into position.
2. Safe operation and easy to use.
3. Suitable for various auger sizes.
4. Affordably priced.
5. Low maintenance powder coated steel.
6. Designed and made for local conditions.

The AugermateTM jockey wheel is a simple and affordable device for manoeuvring augers into position around the farm. Bosmac manufactures the AugermateTM to complement its range of high quality reliable Australian made augers.

augermate-raise-lower-300x300     augermate-wheels-2

Download the AugermateTM brochure here – including full details and compatible auger sizes.

Watch our video below to see just how easy it is to set-up and use!

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