Ammonium Nitrate Augers

Bosmac manufactures a range of equipment for drilling and blasting activities including  augers for the fast and safe transfer or ammonium nitrate. All Bosmac products are designed and engineered to Australian Standard. Ammonium nitrate augers can be delivered fully assembled or freight-friendly flat packed.

Download Bosmac Ammonium Nitrate Auger flyer.


Bosmac ammonium nitrate augers are designed, engineered and manufactured to Australian Standard. Download Bosmac Ammonium Nitrate Auger flyer.


  • Efficiently move 30 tonnes per hour
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel structure
  • High performance air-cooled 18 HP or 25 HP diesel motor with spark arrestor
  • Diesel hydraulic drive
  • Safe operating
  • Low maintenance painted tube and legs
  • Fitted with earth static lead and clamp
  • Sold individually or as part of a mixing plant

Optional Extras

Bosmac manufactures fixed or portable ANFO mixing plants custom built for your purposes. Bosmac also offers a complete range of plant components including ammonium nitrate augers, bulka bag splitters, hoppers, ANFO mixers, support frames and platforms.

Standard Ammonium Nitrate Augers

Barrel Length Barrel Diameter Recommended Motor Size Capacity
9m (approx 30ft) 200mm (8 inch) 18 HP 30 tonnes per hour

Note: Capacity will vary according to the speed and angle of the auger, the clearance between the flight and tube, and the available power. Above are our standard ammonium nitrate augers. We can also custom manufacture to your requirements. Augers are supplied individually or as part of an ANFO mixing plant.