“We may not be breaking Spring rain records just yet… but there’s plenty to be proud of!”

Recent ‘late’ rain has been ‘too late’ for some and not great for those trying to make hay, but has brought some relief from the dry stretch. Morale in the farming sector was waning during the dry finish to Winter and the even more desperate move into Spring, but it’s not all bad news for our valuable rural industry.

The NSW Primary Industries Sector was recently announced as worth a record $15.44 billion in 2016/2017. This figure represents a 32.4 percent increase in Gross Value of Production (GVP) since 2013-14 which is well ahead of the 2020 target.

High Achievers
Some of the high achievers relevant to our region included beef cattle (54% growth to $2.38b), wheat (40% growth to $2.61b), wool (39% growth to $1.14b), sheep and goat meat (33% growth to $858m) and pulses (624% growth to $810m).

Bosmac’s James Haddin explained that while these figures come off the back of a run of exceptional seasons and high commodity prices – the statistics show how important agriculture is to our Region and to the State.

“We may not be breaking Spring rain records just yet, but there’s plenty to be proud of,” James said.

A Resilient and Innovative Industry
“Agriculture and primary production continue to achieve, at times against all odds. Farmers are resilient and innovative. They are always looking for better ways to do things to improve results.

“As per usual – it’s anyone’s guess how the season will turn out. Some are predicting a stormy Summer which could mean even more variability from area to area.

“There is little doubt there will be stock feeding to be done over the coming months. While feeding can be time consuming, having the right equipment at hand to make sure you can make the most out of your feed resources can be half the battle.”

James encouraged farmers to drop in to Bosmac in the coming weeks to discuss useful equipment on offer or to review any design and manufacture of specialised equipment for stock feed and agricultural use.

“We’ve been working with farmers to find engineering solutions for their businesses since 1981,” James outlined. “We are proud to provide the region with quality engineering to contemporary Australian Standards.

“Our range of rural products along with our on-site installation, maintenance and repairs of grain feed systems (including silo complexes and conveyor systems) set us apart in the market.”

Bosmac’s Quality Rural Products
– Pencil Augers
– Mobile Grain Augers
– Grain Roller Mills
– Stock Feed Machinery
– Bespoke Stock Feed and Agricultural Engineering

See the Bosmac website for more information on our extensive range of products and projects.

Feedmixer PTO/Tractor Hydraulic Provides Feed Solution
The Bosmac Feedmixer allows you to pre-roll your grain and store it in a mobile unit where you can discharge the feed into your feed wagon to be mixed with hay or directly into stock feeders. This provides the advantage of 100 percent of the grain being able to be used while allowing you to mix dry supplements through the additive hoppers. Download the product brochure for full details here.

Our MIXALL includes hammer mill, roller mill, bag additive hopper, cyclone, vertical mixing tank, hydraulic powered discharge augers, hydraulic driven pencil auger to feed roller mill, self-contained hydraulic system and is fitted with a P.T.O drive to tractor. The MIXALL design has also been incorporated into the feed wagon for those who need a tube grinder for cutting up large bales of hay, but would also like to use rolled grain in the mix.

Bosmac – Partnering Agriculture since 1981!


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