Consumer Demand Prompts New Flatpack Auger Stands

Bosmac has joined the flatpack revolution innovatively increasing their market reach with the introduction of a new flatpack pencil auger stand.

Bosmac’s James Haddin explained the new DIY construction kit was proving a success with customers who are achieving freight savings of up to 40 percent.

“When customers discuss things with us – we make it our business to listen,” James clarified. “There was definitely a strong demand for a product that would be easier and cheaper to freight.

“The redesign of the auger stand has significantly reduced shipping costs and improved our reach with packs being sold all over the State in the past six months. The stand is simple to assemble. Comprehensive instructions with images are included and we also provide full telephone support.

“While we still sell most of our products fully assembled and ready to use, the flatpack system is working out as a perfect alternative for those based further afield.”

Bosmac Makes Life Easier on The Farm 
Building on experience engineering products for the local agricultural market, Bosmac has developed a standard range of agricultural augers, roller mills and accessories. All Bosmac agricultural products are manufactured locally for Australian conditions.

Get it Right with Bosmac’s Bespoke Manufacturing
Bosmac continues to offer bespoke design and engineering. To date, Bosmac has built equipment and process systems for pet food plants, abattoirs and stock feedlots.

Convenient Regional Location
Based in Parkes (Central Western NSW), Bosmac is ideally located for supplying local agricultural and mining markets. Bosmac provides maintenance support for mining production teams and associated contractors.

Bosmac – 36 years of Quality Engineering

All Bosmac products are engineered to contemporary Australian Standards. See the Bosmac website for more information on our extensive range of products.