Bosmac Pencil Augers Prove Their Weight as Central West Farmers Gear Up for Autumn Break

Sometimes bigger isn’t always best – small augers really come into their own this time of year as farmers gear up to clean grain and organise feed requirements in preparation for that all important Autumn break.

A predicted dry Autumn could push some cropping timetables back for 2017 while others are feeling hopefully of a start after receiving good storm rain. Many have already felt the strain on feed supplies. At Bosmac, we know that you don’t need extra hassles with equipment that isn’t up to scratch or service agents that aren’t available when you need them the most.

Bosmac Pencil Augers offer the ideal solution for shifting small volumes of grain, improving your productivity and saving you money. Bosmac are your local agricultural equipment and auger specialists providing customer service second to none.

Quality agricultural products designed and made in Australia, Bosmac Pencil Augers are suitable for short-term transfer or fixed installation. Bosmac manufactures multipurpose pencil augers suitable for a range of grain handling applications with a reputation for reliability and durability.

Bosmac augers are delivered fully assembled and ready to work with the following features:
• Efficiently moves 7-12 tonnes per hour depending on product and angle of tube.
• Long lasting 0.55kW or 0.75kW single-phase motor.
• Safe operating guarded belt drive.
• Low maintenance.
• Durable steel guards.

Bosmac can also manufacture pencil augers in custom sizes. See here for standard sizes and a full range of optional extras.


pencil-auger-1        pencil-auger-alternate-view-300x300