About Bosmac

Bosmac serving the agricultural and mining industries

35 years of quality engineering

Robert Haddin established Bosmac in 1981 building on his knowledge and expertise in design engineering. In the early years, the company specialised in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom machinery and equipment. All Bosmac products are engineered to contemporary Australian Standards.

Agricultural product range

Building on experience engineering products for the local agricultural market, Bosmac has developed a standard range of agricultural augers, roller mills and accessories. All Bosmac agricultural products are manufactured locally for Australian conditions.

Mining and explosives

In 1987 Bosmac expanded into manufacturing and exporting explosives mixers. Bosmac offers made-to-order mobile manufacturing units (MMUs), ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) mixers, ammonium nitrate augers, explosive storage magazines and tote bins.

Bosmac bespoke manufacturing

Bosmac continues to offer bespoke design and engineering. To date, Bosmac has built equipment and process systems for pet food plants, abattoirs and stock feedlots.

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Regional location

The company is based in Parkes in Central Western NSW. Bosmac is ideally located for supplying local agricultural and mining markets. Bosmac provides maintenance support for mining production teams and associated contractors.

Personal service

In recent years, Robert’s son James has taken on the management of the family business. James and the Bosmac team continue to provide the knowledgeable personal service that Bosmac is known for.